Student Perspective: Why We Chose To Come To HEA

Student Perspective: Why We Chose To Come To HEA

Horizons Exploratory Academy is a school of multiple opportunities that draws in students for countless reasons. From wanting to graduate early or just needing an alternative learning style from traditional schools, H.E.A is the place to be.


I decided to come to H.E.A after my first year at Salida High School. Personally, I was looking for more individualized learning, and, after learning a little bit more about how the school works, I decided that it would be a much better fit for me. I’ve always been a little bit annoyed by the one-size-fits-all learning path of traditional education, and H.E.A seemed like a great alternative. We switch classes every two weeks, so I never get bored with a class, which used to be a huge problem for me at the high school. School is much more enjoyable here, and I’m still meeting all of the state requirements for education. - Lillian Wood

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When I was a sophomore I made the transfer to H.E.A from my old school. From the first minute I walked in the door I knew that this was the school for me. I started to look forward to coming to class. I had teachers that I connected with and fellow peers I got along with. Finally I started to learn things that I actually felt were important and useful to my life, and that I would use even after my high school career. Not only has this school given me valuable education, but I have also become more responsible because of the independence and motivation H.E.A requires you to have in order to succeed. - Aaron McCorkindale

Horizons works to help and educate students of all kinds. Whether you wish to learn online, in class, or on your own, H.E.A will find a way to help you follow your passions and expand your education to the highest extent. Students are able to personalize what and how they learn, while still meeting all the state requirements, and becoming prepared for the future.

By Lillian Wood, Aaron McCorkindale, and Reya Sunshine


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